Too much cool stuff happening to distill in one weekly e-mail update, but here goes…..

Jimmy the Brewmaster has perfected the magic of turning water into beer…Here’s the first blush description of City Lights Brown Ale:

“A strong floral aroma and silky mouth-feel from New World hops and pungent fruitiness of this Old World style set the tone for this assertive brown ale. The skillful blend of malt body and sweetness from caramel and crystal malts offset by the expected hop bitterness from Nugget hops at about 25 IBUs quickly builds a finely tuned interactive character for this unique style achieved using the single-infusion mashing technique. A fresh, baguette aroma layered with chocolate notes yield at mid-palate from the slightly cloudy, amber-reddish body. Finishing lively and invigorating with about 2.3 vols of CO2 this is indeed a wise and eminently drinkable choice at 5.6% ABV for the beer enthusiast. Paired with fine-cheese the creamy texture on the palate will marry to the malty presence with each sip of this fine brown ale…”

Anyone up for day drinking?

If I were choreographing ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, Ryan Lochte’s first dance would be that 60’s classic, “The Jerk.”

Okay, Kris Hinrichs’ photographical wizardry has been well-established. She outdid herself with this week’s update: .

And check this out:

Kris is a good friend and a thorough professional.  We recently discussed this project, the time she has invested to date and her compensation. I stated, “You don’t know how much this means to us. I don’t know how we’ll ever repay you.”

Beer… City Lights IPA…

“Accentuated by Centennial, Amarillo, Cascade and Citra hops, this American-style India Pale Ale is underlined by both citrus-forward hoppiness and integrated balance on the palate, a visionary but committed goal of the Brewmaster. While the alcohol level is close to 8% ABV, intermingling flavors permeate the senses and provide a lingering and caressing mouth-feel at mid-palate. Any palate traction is eliminated through an assertive hop bitterness at circa 75 IBUs embellishing a subtle flourish of malty sweetness at the finish due to the elegant use of 6 special malts. A sipping beer of extraordinary quality meant to be enjoyed with friends or by the hearth as a winter warmer. Paired with hearty meat or vegetable accompaniments this assertive IPA sparkles with a rainbow of flavor.”

And finally, there are so many new to these e-mail updates that they should know that I spent all weekend searching the internet for U2 lyrics and I still can’t find what I’m looking for!

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