Because of the juvenile nature of the presidential campaign, rumors are swirling that the Electoral College will be replaced by the Electoral Pre-school. 

The “season creep” continues. Christmas decorations are now up in most retailers, with Valentine's Day displays to follow. Maybe we’ll join the trend and release our Halloween Beer next May and name it “Premature Jack-O-Lantern.”

Last week's contest to name 2 countries where our weekly e-mails are voraciously read went without a winner.  I subsequently realized that with 196 countries, the odds of correctly guessing two were infinitesimally small.  Since our mission is to thrill, I am going to award a free City Lights T-shirt to a random selection of 24 of you who express an interest via return email to be wearing the coolest garment ever since I rocked the flared bell bottoms and tie-died shirt look.

It happened again last week. While interviewing a prospective team-member I asked her to describe herself in one word. “Hired,” she answered. Well played!  And if you or some you know is fun-loving, intelligent, energetic, outgoing, friendly and passionate about thrilling people and want to join the City Lights team, please shoot me an e-mail.

Jimmy the Brewmaster is on the cutting edge of brewing technology. Jimmy and his team have been experimenting with using rehydrated water in the brewing process…..

Kris Hinrichs continues to amaze:



The first of the many wonderful vendor partnerships we are privileged to enjoy was with Mike Kinsella of Poblocki: www.poblocki.com . Mike is more than a Senior Sales Consultant: he is a problem solver, a creative thinker, a relationship builder, a consummate professional and now a good friend.

Each day, really each hour, our brewing campus continues to come closer to completion. Under the watchful eye and skilled leadership of Adam Kirchner and his ADK team, this week we’re witnessing  the pouring of the concrete slab that will support the brewing and fermenting equipment, the installation of the drywall, the hanging of all of the duct work for our state-of-the-art (and extremely expensive) HVAC system, and the preparation of the window openings in anticipation of the soon-to-be-installed exact replicas of the 1902 version of Eschweiler’s window design.

And finally, warm wishes for the Happiest of Happy Birthdays to the awesome person who so brilliantly writes these weekly updates.

Have the best weekend ever since we all realized that clowns need loving too!