our brewmaster



Jimmy has a creative knack, contagious enthusiasm, and intuition well beyond his years. Fueled by his “just strange enough” mantra, he is the mad scientist brewing these deliciously balanced beers.


It all started in the early 2000s in Denver, Colorado. I was a young whipper snapper enjoying everything Colorado had to offer; from hiking and camping to snowboarding and fly fishing. Whatever the activity was it was always followed by a craft beer; or two; or three. But certainly no more than maybe 5. For a lot of craft beer enthusiasts drinking is a gateway activity, which often leads to home brewing. Such was the case for me. After a couple of extract kits I soon found myself designing my own all grain recipes; constantly improving the art of it, and forever working on understanding the science behind it. After many home brew batches, perfecting some amazing recipes, and a short contract brewing stint, the City Lights Dream was well underway. Before we started the buildout of the brewery, I completed the American Brewers Guild Intensive Brewing Science & Engineering program in Middlebury, Vermont. It was basically a scientific fantasy camp for beer geeks. I’ve taken the knowledge I gained from brewing school along with a lot of experimental test brews (and test drinking of course) and have come up with some amazingly balanced and flavorful beers that I look forward to having the honor to share with you. I will forever be a student of craft beer, and pledge to always deliver you a deliciously balanced, consistent, and quality craft beer.