ABV 5.3%  |  IBU 35  |  SRM 45

This Coconut Porter’s bright, pleasing malt character is cradled in a soft, cushiony and smooth mouthfeel that easily glides down the throat with each swallow. Lip-smacking hints of coffee and chocolate readily move across the tongue as the dark body gives up its aromatic coconut roastedness. Northern Brewer and Willamette hops provide a mellow treat. Most fully enjoyed slowly from a City Lights goblet glass which allows the emerging and progressive nutty aspect of this coconut porter to take center-stage at mid-palate. Well-rounded and bursting with flavor, the flavor integrity is maintained until the very end as the exceptional smoothness finishes with a malty expresso finish. The hazy black body gives picturesque support to the ivory-colored foam. At about 5.3 ABV, City Lights Coconut Porter is a fine sessionable libation for any time of the year!

An untimely request by taproom patrons for a heavy porter right before the hot summer birthed this wonderful beer. In an effort to “summarize” a porter, we made this lighter in body and roast, and with a whole lot of coconut and vanilla beans. An easy dark drinking beer for the summertime.

Smoked and barbecue meats, blackened fish, chocolate cake and coconut macaroons. Candied bacon.

6 pack / 12 oz cans and on draft.