ABV 7%  |  IBU 18  |  SRM 24

A meal in a glass. Liquid Bread. Doppel is German for “double” so this beer is a bigger version of the standard Bock Beer. A traditional German Lager originally brewed by Monks in Munich to be consumed during times of fasting; thus becoming known as liquid bread. This is a full-bodied beer with a rich brown color accented with dark amber hues. We have lightly hopped this beer with traditional German hops just enough to offset the malty sweetness. Malt and yeast reign supreme in this beer brewed with 100% German malts and German lager yeast. This beer is rich in melanoidins and has notes of chocolate; caramel and toasted bread.

With the rich flavors and full body this is a true sipping beer. This beer goes quite well with the gray skies and gloomy weather brought on from early Winter through late Spring.

A phenomenal beer to pair with food. Great with richer meats like duck, pork and ham with cloves. Compliments strong cheeses quite well; and for a delectable dessert pair with a German chocolate cake. 

In hybeernation.