Are children welcome at City Lights?
All well-behaved and supervised children are welcome. Unmonitored children will be given complimentary energy drinks and a special “to go” gift pack which will include a puppy and a set of drums.


Are pets welcome at City Lights?
Service dogs are welcome throughout the campus. All other of our leashed, furry, four legged friends will be warmly welcomed outside. Unleashed and uncontrolled dogs will be encouraged to copulate to provide the puppies for the above unmonitored children.


What are the food options at City Lights?
We will not have a full service kitchen when we open. We will have a limited variety of snacks available. We will also partner with local vendors (food trucks and restaurant delivery) to ensure each City Lights guest in gastronomically gruntled when enjoying a brew from our delicious array.


Will City Lights have a shuttle to and from Milwaukee Brewer games?
Home games only. We briefly considered all games, but the timing and logistics of both an East Coast and West coast shuttle were daunting. We’re conveniently located only 5 or so minutes from Miller Park.  With plenty of free parking, tokens for both to and fro trips will be given with the purchase of one of our delicious beers from our tap room. (The exception will be for Cub fans, they will not receive return transportation.) (Fun fact: the City Lights Tower is visible from the right field upper deck of Miller Park.)

Will growlers be available for purchase in the tap room?
Of course! Who was the idiot who wrote that moronically redundant question? Wait, that was me….


Will my favorite game or soap opera be available on TV at City Lights?
The ambiance of the City Lights Tap Room is not conducive to a lot of TVs. Though we will have a high def television a little bigger than my 19# B&W Philco for watching our favorite local side, football nerds needing to keep track of their fantasy team will be better served in a sports bar. And  as for soap opera fans, there’ll be more excitement in one day at City Lights than in the entire history of Days of Our Lives.


What’s the best way to answer a rhetorical question?