ABV 4.9%  |  IBU 22  |  SRM 10

We brewed this beer special for a St. Patrick’s Day celebration; so it’s obviously a great Irish celebration beer. We weren’t planning on keeping it on draft. However; there were more than a few angry leprechauns that found we weren’t planning on keeping this one. So to honor our Irish heritage and keep the leprechauns happy; we’ve decided to keep this draft only year round. It’s a great year round beer with a bit more bight than our Amber Ale.

Corned Beef and cabbage of course. Roasted meats and chicken. Lucky Charms. Bacon?



double ipa 

ABV 9.2%  |  IBU 75  |  SRM 7

A big beer for a big palate. At 9.2% ABV and circa 75 IBUs, this beer is not for the craft beer novice. Hopped with huge late additions of Simcoe and Chinook hops, this beer will offer notes of passion fruit, earthy pine, berry, grapefruit, and melon. Dry hopped twice, with Amarillo and Simcoe hops, the nose will be bombarded with heavy berry, citrus and piney notes. A very simple grain bill allows the hop flavor to shine through and not be lost in the malt. A medium body and delicate balance of hops and malt make this big beer deceivingly drinkable.

At 9.2% ABV you better clear your schedule of any heavy machine operations or driving before indulging in this one. Truly a sipping beer; well balanced and refreshing enough to cool down with on a hot summer day or warm you up in the dead of winter.

Strong, sharp cheeses, salt-cured meats, charcuterie and cheesecake. Bacon?