Amber ale 

ABV 5.6%  |  IBU 25  |  SRM 13.2

If the hops and malt of this Amber Ale were on either end of a see-saw; it would sit at a standstill parallel with the ground. With a blend of German Tradition hops and American Willamette hops, there is just enough hop bitterness, flavor, and aroma to keep your nose and taste buds wanting more. A combination of 5 different malts give this beer a hint of caramel sweetness, a splash of breadiness, and just the right amount of character to make this simple style wanting your taste buds to do The Waltz.

As Carol King once eloquently put it “Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, all you have to do is pour yourself a City Lights Amber Ale.” That’s how I remember that song at least. A year-round pleaser best shared with a few friends.

The world is your oyster with this beer; coincidentally with a touch of horseradish and cocktail sauce this Amber Ale is a great pair for oysters. Also goes well with a wide range (free range of course) of chicken dishes, smoked meats, and burgers. Let’s not forget bacon either.

6 pack / 12 oz cans and on draft.