“It was the Best of Times. It was the Worst of Times.”  If you stayed awake during High School English class, perhaps you remember these opening lines to the Dicken’s classic, “A Tale of Two Cities.”

Ironically, these lines are also analogous to what has recently transpired at City Lights.

The Worst of Times…Last weekend, Jimmy the Brewmaster severed his Achilles tendon and will be having surgery today. Also, on Monday evening, we had a fire which destroyed our kitchen as we were preparing service for a Holiday Party for 65 people. 

The Best of Times…Jimmy and the brewing team rallied and in quick order developed a plan that will ensure uninterrupted brewing and packaging excellence during his recovery. Thanks to the wizardry of Dave Sobelman, the guests at Monday’s party enjoyed appetizers and entrees prepared by the chefs at Sobelman’s and served at the times originally planned. We are extremely grateful to Dave, the brave City of Milwaukee firefighters and the City Lights team for rallying under extremely challenging circumstances. We’ll keep you posted as to when the kitchen is up and running and what the food options will be in the interim I am awed at the resiliency and generosity of the City Lights community.

Join us this Friday evening at 7PM for Sugar Still: You will love their whiskey- soaked harmonies and rollicking gypsy folk.

We recently released City Lights Coffee Stout. Here is how our Chief Innovation Officer, Dr. David Ryder, describes this wonderful beer: “This splendid holiday offering’s underlying soft and smooth maltiness is moved along in a cocoon of aromatic coffee accentuated by distinct chocolate notes. City Lights Brewing Company has collaborated with Stone Creek Coffee Company to produce an outstanding stout blended with a very special cold coffee brew. The rich coffee aroma dispenses hints of balanced bitterness courtesy of the Chinook hops. Rounded, well-defined coffee notes characterize the mouthfeel at mid-palate. Swirling notes of mocha percolate on the roof of the mouth blending with touches of caramel from seven specialty malts to provide a creamy, smooth, understated roastedness at each swallow. Tantalizing vanilla and accelerated complex coffee character provide a gentle undertow as the rich, black body heads toward the finish. A unique collaboration. A unique brew for both the beer and coffee lover! A worthy coffee stout at 6.3% ABV with focus throughout!”

City Lights gift cards are perfect stocking stuffers. Don’t want to login in at and use that credit cardigan? Swing by City Lights and purchase a gift card. Good taste is always in style.

We will be closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Because of the fire our weekend hours will temporarily change to 12PM to 12AM on Fridays and Saturdays and 12PM to 6PM on Sundays. New Years Eve and Day we will rock it!

Have the best weekend ever since the force was first with you!