Just when Jimmy the Brewmaster and the brewing team thought they had caught up with the burgeoning demand for City Lights beers, another monster-sized order arrived from a great distribution partner. Brewing internationally recognized Gold Medal winning beers has resulted in a “new normal” for the team as they are now regularly brewing triple batches of Coconut Porter and Mexican Lager.

City Lights was thrilled to host a special event featuring Academy Award winning actress Anne Hathaway. She entered the taproom and said, “Anne Hatharrived.”

What a weekend ahead at City Lights! The delicious fun starts today at 11AM with Ben’s incredible fish fry. The party continues with pre-game festivities all afternoon in anticipation of tonight’s sure-to-be victory over the slumping Chicago Cubs. The City Lights shuttle might be the most convenient route to the ballpark unless you own and can legally operate a personal jet pack. The shuttle starts running at 5PM tonight. First pitch is at 7:10PM.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Cub’s Manager Joe Maddon stopped in at City Lights for lunch on Saturday. We’re close to the ballpark and away from the crowds and closed streets due to tomorrow’s marathon in downtown Milwaukee. If Joe does stop in, I would recommend ordering from Ben’s special tailgate menu. The menu is specially designed for quick service, pre-game goodness. Saturday’s shuttles begin running at 4PM. First pitch is at 6:10PM. The fun continues at City Lights in the evening. Crowd favorite Brett Gaertner http://brettgaertner.com/ takes to the stage at 7PM. And the Final Four games will be featured on the big screen.

The weekend series continues Sunday with a 1:10PM first pitch. We will be open and pouring award-winning City Lights beers at 10:30AM. First shuttle departs at 11AM. Should the home-town nine sweep the series, all shuttle riders can stop in for a complimentary post-game brew of their choice. Cheers to first place!

I told one of our City Lights’ servers that she painted her eyebrows too high. She looked surprised.

If you are in the Twin Cities this weekend, our amazing Alexandra will be spreading City Lights’ love and sampling at Total Wine on Roseville today from 12-3PM. Alex will be at Top 10 Liquor in Roseville on Saturday from 12-4PM. Our amazing Anna will be at the Good Hops Beer Festival in Madison Saturday. Stop in and you will be amazed by Anna and by the quality, balance and flavor of each City Lights beer you sample.

I am uncertain if it is Jimmy the Brewmaster’s incredibly delicious beers, the river-side ambiance of our beer garden, the over-the-top efforts of our hospitality staff to make your time at City Lights magical or the mouth-watering epicurean delights served up from Ben the Chef, but last Friday, Saturday and Sunday were our three busiest days ever. To the guests who were here, a sincere “thank you.” We are honored and humbled that you chose to spend some time at City Lights. And we will work tirelessly and passionately to continue to earn the privilege of your business.

And to those of you who enjoyed a City Lights beer or two at your favorite restaurant, bar or take-home from a City Light’s retail partner, we are honored that you chose us. Thank you! And thanks to our awesome distributor network for their much-appreciated efforts. To be Frank, we have partnered with the best distributors in the industry.