I am absolutely amazed at the photographical wizardry of my good friend, Kris Hinrichs. Kris will be chronicling the progress of the build-out of The City Lights Brewing Company and her magical eye is simply phenomenal. Check out her photos from last week here: and be sure to stop by weekly to experience the progress on what promises to be a truly special location. Two photos from this week’s collection are incredible: (1) the sand-blasted roof having been restored to its 115 year old majestic beauty and (2) the work-in-progress removal of the rail line. How cool!

Having completed the overhead work on the ceiling, our diligent crews have been focused on installing the underground infrastructure that will house plumbing lines, electrical lines and the trench drains. I asked our electrician if continuing education was required so he would stay current in his field. He did not think it was funny.

Random Beer Facts:

  • In Medieval Europe, brewing and baking went together. Thus women were the first European brewers and were often called ale wives. (Sounds kinda fishy to me.)
  • Brahma Beer, brewed in São Paulo Brazil is the best-selling brand outside the US in the Western Hemisphere. (Must be the water.)

I traveled last week to a couple of smaller towns as we continue to search for the magical touches that will define City Lights. In one extremely small town I noticed they had a zoo. Curiosity got the better of me and I followed the signs and bought an admission ticket. There was only one animal to view. It was a dog. It was a shitzu.

Jimmy the Brewmaster has assembled an All-Star brewing team that will make even Walter White and Jesse Pinkman drool with envy at their chemistry and artistry.  Graduate degrees from the prestigious Siebel Institute, international brewing training and brewing experience with some top craft breweries combine to promise some incredibly exciting beers of the highest quality at City Lights.

A special “tank you” to our good friends and great partners at Quality Tank Solutions.  QTS has custom designed and is fabricating our 30 Barrel Brewing system. Jimmi-Jean, Chad, Chriz and the entire QTS team are thoroughly professional and even nicer personally.  We’re grateful to have the expertise and friendship of the QTS team accompany us on this epic journey.